Warped up magic,
Destiny laughs,
At it’s own creation.

Blue dot revolves,
In a simulation.
Giving false hope,
Building expectation.

Life survives,
With isolation.
Future bleak,
Seeking validation.

Courage clings onto,
Every action seeking,

The path of life,
Has deviation.
Helplessly seeking,

Rusted souls,
Need restoration.
A little push,

A better tomorrow,
High anticipation.
Mind set with,



The heart makes a excuse, but the mind gives a reason,
A blanket of yellow, pink and blue, in a nonchalant season

Take the blue pill or the red pill, your karma’s in collusion,
But, you bungee down clasping faith, with a ginormous delusion

Belief’s set in stone, un shackled disbanded emotions,
Bonded relationships in time, burnt to dust by explosion

The wheel of doom once silent, unknowingly set in motion,
Beliefs snorting up the mind, but devoid of any devotion



Dark was the only light,
A sheath engulfed all around,
Vacuity of the unbarred sea,
Abandoned hope of any land to be found.

Stormy waves, tides so high,
The shackled faith within,
Deficient Sprit of life’s rough sea,
Yearning to scour off the sin.

The lonesome ship,
The empty scream,

The patient wait,
Sorrow deep within,

The death behind her eyes so deep gives a reason to live
The death behind her eyes so deep gives a reason to live



It’s a boundless feeling, free to give & receive,
It’s a lexicon, without a word called deceive

It’s an vehemence difficult to understand,
It’s a sense of doing from the heart, always unplanned

It’s a promise you never want to break,
Sometimes its as simple as a little give n take

It’s just like yearning, which a hungry soul craves,
It’s reminiscence together, which the mind zealously saves,

It’s like a soft pillow underneath your head,
It’s the warmth of the blanked, which tucks you up in bed

Just like a gentle touch of the falling rain,
Unconditional love will always always remain



Sometimes words have a deafening silent….
Sometimes silence says a thousand words…..

Sometimes love is a poetry of all the senses…..
Sometimes the reality really lies beyond the senses….

Sometimes love refuses to wear a seatbelt…
Sometimes a seatbelt can save love….

Sometimes you are lonely with a million people around….
Sometimes you amongst millions with no one to be found…..

Sometimes man is a embodied paradox, a bundle of contradictions
Sometimes contradictions are what really makes is human….



Her lips tasted of red wine,
in a sangria of mystery,

Her eyes spoke to my soul,
Of the yet to be written history,

If I could go back in time,
And see the fractured parts,

Bitter pills and memory stills,
With heartbroken shards,

God they say is a delusion,
Destiny’s in one’s hands,

With great disbelief I saw,
The slow slipping of sands,

Never made the right move,
An unadorned sorry,

Did it matter who fault it is,
If it was for love & for glory,

Now I watch the naked dance,
Of destiny unfold,

Cause she ain’t no plated,
No plated, but just pure gold!



Love is a circus and life a merry-go-round
Where happiness & joy are occasionally to be found

Where karma is the ring master orchestrating the dance
To an exterior of a lion for the world to glance

Where the joker puts up an act to humour the crowd
Little do they know inside his heart is weeping aloud

Where destiny is a trapeze artist risking it all
And is doing what it takes to prevent a fall

The elephant come out and do the balancing act
The effort it takes them is a little know fact

The rope Walker moves slowly balancing death
And he is doing all that to sustain life instead

Come watch the circus of life
Cause like I said it’s a roller coaster ride….



The mythical mistress of love is obsession
She starts out with a simple confession

Takes over your mind, body n soul
And leaves behind one gaping hole

Leaves you with questions you never spelt
Stuck with you where even Google can’t help

The biggest question is…
Why oh why do humans feel pain

And every effort they make just seems in vein



Poetic Mayhem

Poetic Mayhem

This is an attempt to put emotions into words. A canvas for people to be able to read my memories…..